NEW WORLD offers a variety of Educational Workshops:

Improvisational Acting and Group Dynamics

A look at the art of improvisation through games, exercises and structural experiments. Ensemble work is stressed, with the ideas of trust, co-operation and support, concentration and relaxation, forming the basis of the work.

Our acting workshop focuses on the actor as part of the ensemble and the actor’s body as a tool. The primary concepts dealt with are: trust, cooperation and support (for the group) along with relaxation and concentration (for the individual).

The workshop is broken into three sections:
1. The warm-up.
2. Awareness and sensitivity for the group.
3. Practical application of games, exercises and fun.

The warm-up consists of a series of stretching, isolation and yoga exercises designed to prepare the body for the more vigorous aspects of the workshop. Although the exercises are simple enough, it is recommended that comfortable clothing and soft-soled non-sliding shoes be worn. There is always laying and rolling around on the floor, so the workspace should be as clean as possible.

Once the body is loose we then lead into focused exercises designed to allow maximum experience for the individual within a group. These extended experiments heighten awareness and lead into more follow-the-leader type movement games. Physical improvisation leads to character development and scene building. Sensitivity of the individual towards his or her environment is stressed. Actors learn to keep a thread alive, to follow through with physical and vocal commitment and intensity.

This process may take anywhere from one to three hours. The basic concepts outlined here are also the basis of an extended workshop offered by the NEW WORLD Theater Company. We also provide a guide, which explains both preparation & follow-up exercises.
For more information about this or the other workshops that we offer, please don't hesitate to call or write the NEW WORLD Theater Company.

All About Water:
Prior to the presentation of The Ripple Effect, a Teacher’s Guide will be available.  This guide will cover basic facts about water:  what it is, who needs it, where it exists and availability for use.  This information covers water in the environment as well as in our bodies. Ideas for conservation and protection are presented.
A workshop follows up on these ideas. Focusing in on the fact that the earth is 2/3 water and so are our bodies the groundbreaking work of the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto is presented.  Over ten years ago, Mr. Emoto began experimenting with water, freezing it and photographing the ice crystals that formed as it began to melt.  He discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings.
The workshop also includes a review of the amazing facts and figures presented about water, in a fun and informative way, using a game show format.

NEW WORLD is available for Residency Programs from one day to as long as you want us! These programs can include any combination of performances, workshops and lecture/demonstrations to suit your needs.

We would like our presence in your community to be as flexible and beneficial as possible. Give us a call, and let us help you build the program you want and need.

Our fees are flexible. We carefully consider all things involved, our time and energy, your ability to pay, and try to fix a price that is fair to both of us. It's not always easy, so make us an offer!
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